Our Story

Hi, I am Sebastien. I am French of Slovenian origin, and after 30 years in France, and 10 years spent abroad, be it in Detroit, London or Nashville, me and my family have decided to settle in Ljubljana and do what I love: discover new coffees, tastes and meals, in a relaxed, and slow way. I guess now you know why the emblem of our cafe is a Sloth. The best meals and drinks are those enjoyed slowly! Come relax with us at R&B Café, chat with a perfect stranger, or just enjoy coffee & classic jazz all day.   

Our Coffees

We roast our Specialty Coffees daily. From Columbia to Kenya, to Australia, we offer 7 seasonal specialty coffees (with a minimum score greater than 84). Whether you fancy espresso, a drip, or one of our icy creations, pop in to taste the difference! We also have 4 different non dairy milks available: coconut, almond, oat, soy.

Our Brunches

We are not just about coffee! Because our bodies deserve the best fuels to stay healthy, we focus on the best ingredients and menus, served in our shop, where you'll escape the hustle and bustle of the capital. Unless you want to grab a to-go Smoothie, Salad or Tartine to savour on your journey home from work?  We prep everything fresh. My motto is fast but healthy. So sorry, we do not serve any soda drinks form big corporations!

R&B Cafe Roasters

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+386 64 204 331



R&B Cafe

Slovenska cesta 47

Ljubljana 1000


Opening hours

Monday: 8AM-5PM

Tuesday: 8AM-5PM

Wednesday: 8AM-5PM

Thursday: 8AM-5PM

Friday: 8AM-5PM
Saturday: 8AM-3PM