Everyday, we chop, roast and cook locally grown vegetables sourced from local farmers you can meet at the Ljubljana Farmer's market, and create Coffee drinks and coktails...Discover our Ledeccino or our White Russian!  Check-out our full menu here

Brunch Tartines

Because we're French, we love "tartines" for breakfast. That’s how the French call a delicious slice of bread topped with savoury toppings, like simple butter and jam.
But ours come with a twist that you can enjoy all day long! And they are all made on sourdough bread.

vegan brunch  ljubljana

1. Nashville: avocado with black beans, red onion, sweet corn and crushed nacho chips

2. French twist: brie cheese with cranberry jam, thyme, orange zest and honey

3. London avo: avocado, crushed spinach, cherry tomatoes, pine nuts with sea salt from Piran

vegan brunch ljubljana

Bowls & Salads

Our vegan salads are packed with plant based protein that will give you energy for the whole day.
They are served with a simple French dressing made with Hot Dijon mustard, olive oil and balsamic vinegar

protein salads ljubljana

1. Tennessee Titans: lentil bed, mixed salad, baby spinach, cherry tomatoes, pumpkin seeds, parsley and red onions.

2. La Parisienne: Couscous, pomegranate, mixed greens, chickpeas, and walnuts

vegan brunch ljubljana

Pastries & Breakfast

We offer sweet, buttery and savoury pastries to enjoy with your coffee: carrot cake or chocolate cake, croissants, chocolate and vanilla muffins, home made chocolate chip cookies, etc. But we also have vegan and gluten free options: apple cobbler, Tiramisu, croissants, muffins....

French pastries ljubljana

Bowls and more

We offer fruit bowls all day. Enjoy some granola topped with home made yogurt and fresh seasonal fruits, or a vegan Acai Bowl (blended granolas with almond milk and acai and wild berries), topped with fresh seasonal fruits and roasted almonds.

Granola bowls ljubljana

Coffee & Non coffee drinks

Capuccino, Americano, V60 filter coffees, Flat whites, Althaus teas, Matcha Lattes, Bio Juices or smoothies, Ledeccinos (our version of the caramel frappe), Tonic espresso, Heinesspresso, White Russian, Cold brew, Pumpkin Spice Lattes...We offer coffee, teas, hot chocolate in their simplest forms, and in various refershing or quench thirsting drinks! 

cofftails ljubljana
frapucino and pumpkin spice latte ljubljana

Our Coffees

We offer 6 coffees always available for you to try: Colombian, Brazilian, Ethiopian, Kenyan, Cuban, Guatemalan. They each have their distinctive flavors, based on their origin, terrain and way they were produced.

We also offer seasonal specialty batches from other origins, because just as we love to try new wines, we also love to try new coffees! How about you pop in to try an Australian one?

Come and taste one or many, and if you fancy one, you can take it home in a 250 g sealed bag, that we will grind perfectly for you, so you can enjoy that delicious cup of coffee at home...