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The island of Timor is located a few hundred kilometres northwest of the islands of Flores and Alor and across the sea of Timor lies Australia. The island most elevated point is Mount Tatamailau at 2.960m asl.


This coffee is grown by the Eratoi community, which is composed of 25 farmers who strive to only produce coffee of the highest quality in a natural way, without the use of any chemical fertilizers. The community is led by its main farmer Simao Pedro De Deus.


This nanolot number #1 grows at an altitude of 1800 m asl, in the heart of the forest, under the canopy of the imposing Ai-Samtuku (Albizia) shade trees. Given the excellent balance between hours of sun and others of shade, the coffee grows and matures slowly, reaching optimum sweetness before being harvested and processed. Ai-Santoku trees are not only intended to protect coffee plants from the sun, but are also a great source of nutrients, promoting the natural growth of coffee cherries.


To process this organically grown coffee, only the most matured cherries are selected and then fermented in an aerobic mode, for about 40-42 hours. Once the fermentation is complete, the beans are laid out for about 15-20 days to dry, to bring their humidity level to an ideal 10-12%.

East Timor Eratoi Nanolot #1

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  • Origin  : East Timor, Eratoi Letefoho

    Variety: Typica

    Farmer :  Eratoi Community – De Deus

    Harvest  : Main October/December - Secondary May/June

    Altitude  : 1,800 m - 1,850 m asl

    Processing  : Anaerobic fermentation - sun dried - hand picked

    SCA cupping score: 85.50

    Tasting notes:  a sweet coffee with good, balanced body. Notes of cinnamon and cardamom. Floral hints of roses. Notes similar to tea, with mild sweet notes of caramel on the finish. Mild malic acidity.