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Starting your own cafe business

Learn from our success

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Service Description

60% of people who start their own coffee shop fail within their first year in business, and 80% within 3 years. We opened our doors 2 months before the first Covid-19 confinement wave, and we are still in business. So if you want to learn how to set up a successful café business, we are happy to share the recipes that made us grow from a coffeeshop that was losing money for 2 consecutive years before we took it over, and transformed it into a profit center within 24 months, in the midst of Covid. In this 2 full day class, you will learn about: - choosing the right location and layout for your business - establishing the right metrics for pricing and financial health: revenue, COGS, COP and many other financial terms... - choosing the right equipment, beans and coffee machines for your coffeeshop - Importance of health, hygiene and standards management. - how to establish a successful brand: what are Unique Selling Points, the importance of branding, of processes, passion and management. - learn the basics of coffee brewing on a coffee machine and pour-over and equipment maintenance. - learn about coffee making recipes: latte, americano, cortado, flat white, etc. These drinks will no longer be a mystery to you! - establishing successful relationships with suppliers and online presence - hiring the right team members and maintaining staff cohesion. Think this course is expensive? Think how much money and time (so even more money!!) you can save from learning from our mistakes so you don't have to lose time and some of your own money in making the same mistakes!!! Learn from real people in the same business you are willing to invest into... After this 2 day course, you will be given all the materials that we reviewed together so you can have a reference, whenever you want to refer to it afterwards. Please contact us so we can set up a tailored 2-day session that will fit your availability.

Contact Details

  • Slovenska cesta 47, Ljubljana, Slovenia


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