Manual precision Coffee grinder CoffeeGator

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With a grinder at home, rediscover the breathtaking aroma of freshly ground coffee! 
And since it is manual, this grinder acts as a good 2 min physical exercise to get your heart pumping in the morning! 

Robust, but compact to take with you on a trip, it can be filled quickly, grinds like a dream thanks to its 8 grinding settings and always results in the perfect degree of grinding. 
The cleaning is easy.

So say goodbye to the never working old batteries and electrical cables and expect the freshly ground coffee to delight your sense of smell.

Delivery Information

Items shipped by Slovenian mail. Please allow 2-3 business days after shipment acknoledgement if you are in Slovenia.


  • Weight: 660g
  • Height: 19cm
  • Width (without handle): 8.5cm 
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