Microlot Brazil Santa Rita Farm 200g

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This coffee is produced by the Santa Rita Farm, by father Jhone Milanes and his son Tarciso.

This family run farm was established in 1896, and today is in its fourth generation. Jhone and Tarcisio's goal is to improve the coffee handling process from harvest to post-harvest, aiming to one day become the best producers in Brazil. With this coffee they have certainly hit the target, probably one of the best micro lots produced in the country.

The cherries are harvested completely by hand once they have reached maximum ripeness. They are immediately transported to the plant for a first selection and a short drying. Then the anaerobic fermentation process begins: the cherries are placed in a barrel with a one-way valve to ensure that the oxygen comes out completely and cannot enter the barrel again, but the peculiarity of this lot is that exotic fruits were inserted before sealing the barrel (banana, jackfruit, mango and passion fruit).

This is a decidedly an innovative technique that allows the coffee to develop very complex flavors, resulting in an explosion of fruity flavors in the cup. The duration of the fermentation is about 40-60 hours and the time, temperature and Ph are monitored thanks to a special control unit created by Jhone, which allows him to monitor his coffee night and day. Once the right fermentation time has been reached, the cherries are left to dry again for a few days.

Information & Pairing

Farm: Santa Rita
Farmers: Jhone Milanes & Tarcisio Lacedra
Altitude: 1200 - 1300 meters

Process:  Anaerobic fermentation with addition of fruits
Variety:   Red Catuai
Certification score: 87,75

Cupping:  a coffee with unique characteristics. Sweet notes of caramel, mild acidity and good body. An explosion of tropical fruit flavors, persistent and syrupy. A decidedly surprising coffee. 

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