Microlot Honduras Walter & Sergio Romero 250g

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The Romero brothers, Walter and Sergio, are part of a third generation family of coffee producers. The father passed on to the two brothers the passion to continue improving the production of high quality coffee, promoting ecological management of processing plants and innovation on post-harvest techniques.

Walter and Sergio decided a few years ago to grow a not-yet well known variety of coffee: Parainema. This variety was only introduced in Honduras recently, between 2010 and 2012, and is grown on the Farm La Lesquinada on a plot of about 6 hectares for a total of 35,000 plants. Its peculiarity is given by its high resistance to Coffee Leaf Rust (better known as Coffee Rust). 

The cherries of this coffee are harvested completely by hand once they have reached maximum ripeness. The fermentation process is aerobic, lasting about 48 hours and the processing is natural. The drying takes place on raised beds and the time of exposure to the sun is about 14/21 days.

Information & Pairing

Altitude: 1350 - 1450 meters

Process:  Natural, aerobic Fermentation
Variety: Parainema
Certification score: 86,50

Cupping:  a sweet and very fruity coffee . Mild acidity and good body. Sweet notes of cane sugar accompany fruity notes of plum and peach, on the finish of tropical fruit and grapes. On the palate persistent juicy and silky sensation.

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