Microlot Kenya Eagaads 250g

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This coffee produced by the Eaagads Estate is grown in Ngoingwa, Thika, a sub-county of Kiambu, an area well known for hosting the most prestigious Kenyan plantations. This stunning estate was originally founded by Catholic missionaries, and today is divided into two parts, the first for the production of more conventional coffees and the second for the production of specialty micro lots. In this estate, in addition to the plantations, all the workers have access to accommodation, a nursery for their children and a medical laboratory for their well-being. 


This micro lot is named after the Estate and has been declared the best ever. After a long ripening, the cherry was harvested and brought within 3 hours to the processing station. It was deprived of its pulp and then left to ferment for about 15 hours. Beans were then thoroughly washed to remove all remaining mucilage and placed under running clean water in soaking tanks for approximately 24 hours. Once the soaking period elapsed, they were laid on pre-drying tables (tables with larger holes than normal) for about 2 hours, allowing to eliminate the moisture on the surface of the grain and re-sorted on the main drying beds for about 12 -14 days until they reached their optimum humidity of 10/11%

Information & Pairing

Harvest: December to January

Altitude: 1590 - 1640 meters

Process:  Aerobic Fermentation - Double Drying
Variety: Ruiru 11, SL28, K7
Certification score: 89,25

Cupping: A fruity coffee with hints of green apple, blueberries and black current. 

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