"Introduction to roasting" class


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Due to Covid-19, the dates above are for information as courses will resume once restrictions are lifted. You can still book a spot, and we will book you for the first available date that our courses can resume!

This 2 hour class is for people curious about roasting and who want to know a bit more to what there is behind every single cup of coffee.
This course is for a maximum of 2 people per class, so as to ensure a hands-on experience.

Classes are held on Saturdays at 3 pm at our roastery in Ljubljana. Advance booking is necessary.

What we will do
First we cup and taste 2 different types of coffees, prepared 2 different ways: espresso and V60, or V60 and French press. This will allow you to get acquainted with each method, and learn the differences between each and their impact on taste, clarity, drink strength.
Then we will learn about the origin of the coffees we have in our roastery, and learn about the different roast profiles (light, medium, dark), and the density of each bean type. We will learn what chemical reactions occur during the roasting, and their impact on the taste of the coffee beans, depending on the profile roast: acidity, sweetness, bitterness.
Finally, we will roast 2 batches of coffee, visualise the roast from start to finish, from green to roasted bean, and see how it develops from a grassy to nutty caramel flavour.

This whole 3 step process will last about 2h-2h30 hours.

What is also included

Coffee drinks to taste! Each guest doing the experience will be given 2 freshly roasted coffee bags or a coffee mug for free to take home.

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