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Wholesale & Partners

If you are a retailer, coffee shop, restaurant or a business interested in becoming a wholesale customer please get in touch with us either by phone/text on +386 64 204 331 or send us an inquiry below. All our specialty coffees are 100% arabica and we can provide them all to you as a white label, so you can resell them under your own brand. We roast on demand, so your coffee is always fresh. 

We are ready to help with any question you might have!


FREE barista training - We truly care about our coffee at every step of roasting, through to the final stage of preparing the cup. Brewing high quality coffee takes knowledge and accuracy and requires a desire to be the best of your ability. We have a complimentary training programme for your baristas when you become a R&B CAFE customer.

Working With the Best Clients and Partners

Coffee supplier to
Founding member of SCA Slovenia
Stasher host
Tukan coffee
Bounce host
Vegana vegan pastries

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