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This Caturra coffee is grown by various small indigenous farmers in the Aponte reserve , located within Tablon de Gomez, Narino region in Colombia. Only a couple of decades ago, they were forced to grow illicit plants by the colombian guerillas, making the region a very dangerous area. Thankfully, they joined forces and decided to stop their dependency on drug production and instead replanted traditional vegetables and coffee plants. 


The farmers there focus on bring the best quality specialty coffee that Colombia has to offer. The region offers the perfect humididity conditons that have led the farmers to experiment and develop a real expertise with the yellow honey process, which involves fermentation and a real craftsmanship when it comes to monitoring the humidity levels in the coffee so that it doesn't rot but on the contrary develop real funky and sweet aromas.


Our head roaster Sebastien chose this particular microlot after a cupping held by various roasters of the Slovenian Specialty Coffee Association and a representative of the Cofinet Farmers association showcasing the best of what Colombia has to offer.


In the cup, this coffee shows more of a funky than clean cup, with sweet notes of grapefruit, guava, stone fruits and caramel.

Colombia Narino Aponte Yellow Honey

4,50 €Prix
TVA Incluse |
  • Origin  : Colombia

    Variety: Caturra

    Farmer :  Various small farmers from in Aponte, Narino region

    Altitude  : 1,700 m - 1,800 m asl

    Processing  : Yellow Honey - anaerobic fermentation - sun dried

    SCA cupping score: 87.00

    Tasting notes:  a sweet coffee with good, balanced body. Notes of caramel, grapefruits, stonefruits and guava

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