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R&B Cafe Ultimate V60 coffee brew recipe

Last week we shared with you the pros and cons of filter brewing. Today as promised we are delving into how to make a delicious V60 at home.

There are several recipes out there, and each involve different ways of grinding and blooming coffee, which to me seem all overly complicated. So when I was able to find an easy guide that I liked and was ultra-simple to replicate, I decided to use it at the coffeeshop. That is why it is our ultimate V60 coffee brew recipe.

This recipe is based on the recipe developed by Tetsu Kasuya, V60 World Champion in 2016.

What you need:

  • a kettle

  • a scale

  • 23 grams of coarsely ground coffee (like you would for French press)

  • 330ml of boiled water

  • Your V60 equipment

  • Your watch or phone to time your brew

The steps:

  • Bring water to a boil, meanwhile place your filter onto the cone and on the dripper.

  • Set everything on your scale

  • Wet the filter with 30ml boiled water before placing coffee into it and let the water drip through

  • Discard this water. This step is absolutely recommended as it allows you:

    • to cool off the water before you actually pour it onto the coffee, allowing to reach its optimum temperature

    • to flush away the taste of paper, ensuring that your coffee will not taste like paper

    • to warm up the coffee server.

  • Put your 23 grams of coffee into the wet filter

  • Set the scale to zero (tare it)

  • Set your watch to chronometer mode and start it. You will now do 5 pours of 60ml or 60g water every 45 seconds

  • Now that the count has begun, start with your 1st pour and slowly pour 60grams of water in a circular motion (from center towards the rim).

  • Let it rest. Wait until your chronometer has reached 45 seconds and repeat the same step for another 4 pours.

  • In total you will have poured 60ml of water every 45 seconds, so that is a total of :

    • 300 ml or 300g of water

    • 3 min 45 seconds total brew time

  • Once you have reached 3min 45 seconds, you will have brewed a total of 200ml of coffee (the remaining 100g was absorbed by the coffee beans and the filter paper)

  • It is now time to remove the cone with the filter and discard it.

You can now enjoy your coffee, swirl it a bit to smell its aromas, and then start pouring yourself a cup!

This method of brewing is recommended with washed and fruity coffees, as it will allow you to enjoy a really clean cup (meaning all of the bold notes of the coffee oil was absorbed by the filter) and notes of the terroir in which the coffee was cultivated.

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