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  • Aero Press - Special Bundle with Aero Press Go + 350 Microfilters
  • The Aero Press Go Travel Coffee Maker provides you with everything you need to make excellent coffee anywhere. 
  • The Aeropress makes a smooth coffee with pure taste and no grounds due to its filters.
  • The bundle includes a mug and microwave lid that doubles as a travel bag so you can prepare your coffee anywhere. Quick to clean and pack. Prepare American coffee or espresso: prepare one to three delicious cups with just one squeeze. 
  • Box contents: Aero Press Go Chamber & Plunger, mug with lid, 350 replacement Aero Press micro filters, 1 stirrer, 1 scoop to measure the right amount of coffee for delicious and easy recipes.

Aeropress Go Travel Bundle

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  • The package contains: 

    • AeroPress® chamber and piston
    • A cup with a lid
    • 350 Microfilters
    • Filter storage box
    • Filter holder
    • Stirring stick
    • Scooper
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