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Have you enjoyed our Cold Brew in our Café, and want the same at home?
Easy-peasy with our Cold Brew Kit! 
Put 60-65 g (depending on your taste) of our coarse ground coffee into the jug filter, pour 1000ml cold water on top of it, put it into your fridge door, wait 12 to 24 hours and enjoy!
At the cafe, we use this equipment to get a consistent small batch of delicious cold brew and recommend using our Ethiopia Yirgacheffe beans. Expect a surprisingly delicious taste with notes of peach and very mild citric acidity that makes this drink very refreshing. Add a few ice cubes and enjoy. We love our cold brew black, but you can top it off with some milk or non dairy milk.

Hario Cold Brew Kit

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  • Why you will not resist Cold brew

    • A real refreshing pleasure
    • 70% less bitterness than regular coffee due to slow cold extraction
    • An explosion of flavours in the cup
    • Easier to digest than regular coffee
    • Boost your metabolism
    • You can use the kit to make TEA COLD Brew!
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