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Cold brew coffee : what is this?

With outside temperatures finally showing signs of Summer, a lot of you ask us about our iced coffee recipes: ice latte, ice matcha, etc. But are you familiar with cold brew?

What is cold brew ?

It is in fact very little known that this is the most healthy way to drink your coffee.

It is a perfect summer drink because instead of being astringent like an espresso can be, it is actually very refreshing depending on the beans you use to make your cold brew.

Why is cold brew a healthy way to drink coffee?

It all goes with the extraction process. Cold brew is obtained by brewing coffee over a long time period (8 to 24 hours) in cold water. By doing so, the water will slowly extract the caffeine out the coffee beans, which means that this way of steeping coffee results in a less bitter and less acidic coffee.

cold brew cofeee
Ethiopia Bogale Dayoso farm cold brew

Some clinical studies have found cold brew to be slightly less acidic, which means it may irritate your stomach less. Cold brew can be also less irritating to your stomach than hot coffee because of its content of crude polysaccharides: these carbohydrates, or chains of sugar molecules, boost the immunity of your digestive system. This may decrease gut irritation and the bothersome effects of coffee’s acidity on your stomach.

Can cold brew boost my metabolism just like regular coffee?

Yes, it actually has the same or higher caffeine content as regular coffee. Just like hot coffee, cold brew coffee contains caffeine, which has been shown to increase your resting metabolic rate by up to 11%. Which means that by drinking cold brew, your metabolism gets a boost, ie it burns more fat when you are at rest.

Is cold brew coffee easy to make?

The good news is, yes! And you almost require no equipment!

What you need: a French press or a bottle - preferably 1 liter with a wide opening

  1. Grind 60g of coffee very coarsely (like you would for a French press)

2. Pour the ground coffee into you French press or bottle

3. Add 1 liter of cold water

4. Stir with a spoon

5. Put everything into the fridge for 8-12 hours or overnight (up to 24 hours if you want something stronger).

6. Next day, strain your cold brew with a cloth strain or a strain with very fine mesh.


You can serve it on top of ice, add some milk or plant based milk, even use 0.03l diluted into lemonade with gin. Let your imagination run wild!

In summary

Cold brew coffee is an enjoyable alternative to hot coffee that you can easily make at home.

It offers many of the same health benefits but is less acidic and less bitter, which may make it more easily tolerated by sensitive individuals.

If you want to mix up your coffee routine, give cold brew coffee a try and see how it compares to your usual hot cup of joe.

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