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This is our second variety of coffee produced by Award winning Danilo Barbosa Farm. After the Raoni beans so many of you loved, we are happy to bring you the Anahi Tropical natural and anaerobic processed Red Catuai from the Cachoeira farm.

Although Cerrado Mineiro is one of the youngest Brazilian coffee-producing regions, many of its most renowned producers have been working with coffee longer than

the coffee region has formally existed. The Barbosa family, 2021 Cup of Excellence winners, are one such producer.

The company reaches back to the 1960s. Danilo’s great-grandfather Elias Barbosa passed the tradition of producing coffee to his son Claudio

Barbosa de Paula who later passed it on to Jairo Barbosa de Paula.

Danilo Barbosa, the current head of the company, works together with the next generation, his sons Vitor Marcelo and Sergio Ricardo. The whole family is included in the coffee business, making the office feel like a big home where everyone shares the same dream of producing the best coffees sustainably.

Danilo harvested the coffee in the Cerrado for the first time already in 1979. That initial successful crop led him to invest more in the coffee activity, explore the surrounding area and adopt all the newest technology. Current producing area amounts to 490 hectares where they produce coffee with sustainability in mind.

The Barbosa family has repeatedly shown concern for the environment, and nature has always been part of the agenda. Today, DBarbosa farms shelter more than 186 hectares of nature in the form of reserves. The family is also exploring ways how to certify their properties to learn more on how to preserve the environment and to produce a 100% sustainable coffee.

The family is set to producing the best coffee possible. Most of DBarbosa coffee is processed naturally, but washed and semi-washed coffee is available also. Coffee is dried on concrete patios, but the family also constructed raised beds where they dry their best lots.

Brazil Anahi Tropical - DBarbosa

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  • Origin : Cerrado Mineiro

    Typology: Arabica

    Variety: Red Catuai

    Farm : Fazenda Cachoeira

    Farmer : Danilo Barbosa

    Altitude : 840 m - 1,140 m asl

    Processing : natural - anaerobic 60h

    SCA cupping score: 86.00

    Tasting notes: caramel, red and black berries, sweet citric acidity.

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