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Coffee Roasting class

Discover the various types of coffee, taste several coffees prepared in different ways, roast your own batch...check out how Ophelia roasted her own, and book your session below! 

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Roasting class testimonials


"  I have been to other coffee roasting experiences before but this stands out by far. Sebastian is very friendly individual who is passionate about what he does (...). I highly recommend this to any one even if you have less than a day on Ljubljana make sure you register for this experience  ”

Emma & John

"One of a kind, unique experience! Had a wonderful time. Left inspired and enamored for coffee! Can’t wait to make the coffee we roasted at home.”

Ahmad & Abdul

“One of the best life experiences for coffee lovers, very informative and tons of fun, you are amazing, thank you so much!”

Silje & Andreja

"Was fortunate enough to get to join one of the roasting classes and that is certainly an experience I'll never forget! Definitely recommend grabbing a friend or significant other and investing the time into learning something new. Sebastien was a great teacher! Definitely worth a visit."


"I surprised my husband with this intro to roasting class for our wedding anniversary.  The roasting class was very interesting and Sebastien was absolutely fantastic host, very knowledgeable and full of useful information. We learned a lot in 2 hours: at what altitude the coffee was grown and why so high, types of coffee, how to roast coffee, different manners for preparing coffee, followed by tasting on site, etc. Sebastien shared his expertise so well that in the end we actually roasted several packs of coffee and they turned out excellent! And the wonderful thing was, that we got a lot of packs of freshly roasted coffee (with our anniversary date) to take home. He tailors the class to your knowledge, so if you have advanced knowledge already or zero knowledge, don’t hesitate and book the class, because he will adjust the info for you. Sebastien also surprised us at the end with a bottle of champagne, which was a really nice gesture. We would recommend his roasting class to anybody!"


"Very personal and informative experience that I can definitely recommend. Sebastien knows A LOT about coffee and was able to explain the whole process - from harvesting to roasting, grinding and drinking - with great detail but also in a very accessible way. He tailored our time together based on our level of knowledge, our interests, and our tastes. We tried multiple kinds of beans in different styles (espresso, French press, etc) and roasted beans, as well. If you're interested in or enthusiastic about coffee, you should check this out (or at a minimum, stop by R&B for a delicious cup of coffee)"
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